You cannot get to tomorrow’s destination with yesterday’s people… Ben Murray Bruce lashes Pres. Buhari

Source: Hope Efoghe/

Magnate and politician ,Ben Murray-Bruce, is a Nigerian business man and entertainer. He is the founder of Silverbird Group and also a senator.

Born to an Ijaw parent Mullighan and Margaret Murray-Bruce who hails from Akassa, Bayelsa state, Nigeria, he has spent more than half of his life in Nigeria.

Bruce is known for his bluntness when it comes to political issues, this time he comes hard on president Buhari.

The entertainer cum politician is not happy about the age group dominating the cabinet system, he claims the country cannot move forward having people older than 40 in the cabinet, because fresh minds are needed, and the need for youths to dominate the system is quite essential.

'' UAE is progressing faster than Nigeria because you cannot get tomorrow's destination with yesterday people.'' he wrote.