How I Fell In Love With Tee Blizz- Tiwa Savage

Source: Maryjane Ezeh/

Mavin First Lady, Tiwa Savage, 36, has revealed some best kept secrets about how she fell in love with her husband Tunji Balogun popularly known as Tee Billz, adding that she wasn't really impressed when the parts crossed.

" I didn't really like him when I first met him. I was just like this guy thinks he is too hot.

He is so opinionated, he just says what he feels and how he sees it.. He is very honest, brutally honest, but he was really down for me, I am not going to get emotional, but he was really down for me, and he believed in something I didn't."

Now happily married with a cute baby boy to show for it, Tiwa Savage explained how she later fell in love with Tee Billz when she got to see the real him.

"?You see someone everyday and you get to see the real person, and at that point when I didn't really care about his flaws or any other thing because I saw that genuinely if you get to meet TJ he is a good guy.

The Mavin Queen and multiple brand ambassador also recalled that many people didn't want her to hook up with Tee Blizz because they thought he was not the ideal guy for her but she shut the mouth of her critics by following her heart.