Indigenous Rapper, Phyno Breaks Record, Records Song in Toilet

Source: Hope Efoghe/
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There have been different versions from our music artiste when you ask them where their inspiration comes from. A hilarious photo of indigenous rapper, Phyno just surfaced.

The photo shows Phyno on the toilet seat with a studio Mic recording. Well this is called multi- tasking. Phyno didn't want to waste too much time; he is probably trying to judiciously make use of every second, so he had to take his recording section down there also.

Maybe, that's where he draws his inspiration from. The photo has gone viral as many as saying the singer doesn't seem to be in his right senses. But in the real sense, Phyno is taking creativity to the next level, or maybe he is trying to input his name in the Guinness book of record for the first Nigerian artiste to record a song while excreting in the toilet.