Jude Okoye Wants to Be our Manager by Force...Peter Okoye

Source: Hope Efoghe/Nigeriafilms.com

Diversity is good, but it becomes a problem, when it's not well executed. There are times we try to copy the whites who multi-task and still come out on top of their games.

Before trying to multi-task, passion and talent is very essential, it's pointless and a waste of time going into what one doesn't have talent for.

It's no news any more that actors/actresses dive into music and musician dives into Nollywood all in a chase of multi-tasking and earning more money. However there are few who have been able to successfully merge both, because they actually have the talent.

Many had become a laughing stock just because they delved into something they are not good at; therefore it's really advisable for one to stick to what they are good at.

Here are few list of Nollywood actor/actress who tried their hands in singing:

Genevieve Nnaji- the screen Goddess tried singing, and she released a single, No More Tears, however many mocked her , as it was obvious music was not her calling, the song didn't do well at the market, so she dropped singing and concentrated on movies.

Jim Ikye: Iyke definitely is a big actor and he has more than 300 flicks to his credit, he tried his hands on music, and released Who am I featuring Tuface Idibia, sadly enough, despite featuring Tuface, it wasn't a hit, despite TV and radio hypes, it just didn't make any impact, he went on to release another, Born to do this, which didn't make any difference either.

Desmond Elliot: he is not just an actor, but a director, producer and senator, he has done well multi-tasking in these positions, but when he went into music and released I am glad that Jesus loves me, it didn't do well at the market, and he also dropped the idea of singing again.

Kate Henshaw: Kate has worked on several projects, and she is no doubt a good actress and a good singer, Kate entry into the music world was unexpected but she vowed many, when she released Treasure, a sound track of a movie, A million Tears. She one of the few who made it worthwhile.

Tonto Dikeh. Controversial actress Tonto after making it big in Nollywood, decided to venture into music. Though many are wondering, why on earth she should take such step, she doesn't have the voice but her carriage and charisma does the magic for her. She is signed to DB Records where she has released few singles, doing fairly well.