4 Expert Travel Advice You Never Thought Of!

Source: Jovago.com

4 Expert Travel Advice you Never Thought of!

Travelling should be fun especially when you have the perfect nuggets at your fingertips. While there may be unexpected situations that may arise whenever you go on vacation to Calabar or on a business trip to Port Harcourt , there are a few important tips every seasoned traveller takes to heart and we at Jovago.com, Africa’s No 1 hotel booking portal are here to share! To help you with a smoother journey, here are some expert tips;

Pack and Unpack
When some persons travel, it is compulsory that they forget something. Perhaps it until they forget their wallet or travel documents before they begin to consciously pack. Packing is supposed to be effortless. To prevent you from leaving any important stuff behind, unpack one-third of your things after packing, you will have a difficult time forgetting anything.

Your Phone Camera Isn’t Just For Selfies

Phones today have been pigeonholed as devices for taking only selfies. But there is much more your phone can do for you aside selfies. Before you leave for the airport, take pictures of emergency contact information, passport, Travel documents, ATM cards, and health insurance cards. This will come handy in case of any travel eventually. In addition, to be safe, you can attach the snapped documents to your email. This to prevent double jeopardy of stolen phone and stolen documents.

Always carry a pen
A ball point pen is inexpensive. Therefore, it doesn’t take you anything to take one along whenever you travel because you will be asked to fill out forms. It will a bit embarrassing for you to form the habit of always requesting a pen.

Staying Safe Has Different Meanings
Staying safe on the road is more about your demeanor and character than about taking extra precautions. The best thing is to be positive and have a confident attitude while traveling local or international in order to make sure you don’t become a target.

If there are any times that you are unsure or get stressed out, that is when you will get into trouble. Stay calm, stay confident, and always walk like you know where you are going, even if you’re lost.