National Statement On The Way Forward

By Ogoloma Endurance Young
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Politics must be about people, not candidature, it should be about the welfare of people and most importantly the future generation, it is a selfless calling and not a selfish one, how can one become a leader when they are self-serving?

A true leader is a servant for his people, sacrificing what they hanker after for the masses. Tasked to enrich the land and its inhabitants not themselves, their families and companions, it's sad that in Africa most leaders are a desirous pack, and the common folk work their fingers to the bone for their amusement.

We are in a social setting where leaders have no plans and don't care about the time ahead. I know for a fact is a generational curse, but we need a leader that will sacrifice for the future. To be honest to God, my question is, are we ready to embrace change?

As Nigerians, we need to be part of everyday governance and politics; we need to make an effort to transmute. Not necessarily change of government but of mindset and attitude. Our outlook on the affairs of the land is crucial to national maturity.

We are in a space where one thinks they need to clamp one down to succeed, that posture draws us back. We care only for our stomachs today and look to God for tomorrow. Of course, when the proletariat can't fend for themselves and their families how do you expect them to contribute sensibly and judiciously to the growth of a nation?

Every nation is supposed to be a good parent to its nationals by feeding, clothing, sheltering, financing and providing quality healthcare & education for them as children. We also have a responsibility as law abiding citizens to contribute our quota in changing the status quo.

A typical mindset of African governance is displayed in most homes, where a husband eats the large and ripe portion of a meal, for left over’s to be served to the rest of the family.

We will never be a superior nation, if we continue in our self-serving ways of reasoning. We need to set in motion a generational thinking stance for posterity's sake.

Its tiresome hearing abusive candidates at each other's throat on political platforms, exposing their ignorance on affairs of the state, It clearly confirms they have nothing to offer the generations ahead.

Petty minded politics leads to a neither here nor there nation. Our forebears did what they could; let's write their wrongs, so we won't be worse off 50 years from now.

We could sit and blame our leaders all we want, but I believe we should be responsible for our future and take charge of it. Let's gather generational thinkers to help build this nation.

In the west, education, healthcare, etc is free, it’s a crime for your ward not to enroll for school. This is a race that has posterity in mind; years ago their antecedents toiled to put a system in place. And it shall be passed unto the next generation, its tradition.

How do you expect a nation to move forward without a national layout? For example, every eight years there is change in governance, each and every incumbent will come with ideas and objectives on which route the nation should take. In effect the nation moves to and fro and becomes inconsequential.

Again I don't know how these things work, but will beseech our brothers and sisters in the diasporas with ideas and experience on how the systems work internationally to come build our nation. We need long term hands-on solutions and not inconceivable ideas that can't materialized.

Education is key, and to catch up with the rest of the world, we need to invest heavily in that sector. We should not only fund it, but take a critical look at our entire curricular again. Axe out what is not important and focus on that which is. Let's work out a NATIONAL PLAN and make an effort towards its achievement.

To our leaders, business people, scholars, pastors and philosophers in this great country Nigeria and the rest of Africa please note that: INVESTING INTO POSTERITY IS AN UNBENDABLE CONSTITUENT TO SAFEGUARD WHAT LIES AHEAD.

Well, all have a responsibility to reorganize Nigeria for future generation. It's a luxury we will be deprived of, if we don't look upon it as a necessity.

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