Source: Malik Alomaja -

Lady of tube, Funmi Iyanda seems to be showing special interest in music as a critic and she is seriously working towards making somebody a scapegoat in the esoteric world of music. One of the people she is about to clear off from the scene when she eventually becomes the queen of critic is the Sengemenge duo popularly called KC Presh as she was said to have lambasted them during an award presentation night in Lagos that they are just noise makers and that their music is nothing to right home about.

“Enough of all this noise, your music is constituting nuisance and I am not finding it so interesting” Funmi was said to have told the audience when the musical rich dudes came to the stage to perform their Shokori bobo song.

The controversial statement according to eye-witness account generated mixed feelings among the guests and many wandered if the two musical duo have issues with her.
Reasons Funmi Iyanda is picking on these artistes is still unknown though, people around, said it might be a calculated attempt to disgrace them when it's so obvious that she never liked their music.