Bukky Wright reconciles with Bolaji Basia

Source: nigeriafilms.com

Few months after their celebrated breakup, popular socialite and movie financier, Bolaji Saheed and beautiful star actress, Bukky Wright, have reconciled, to the surprise of a lot of people who are close to them.

The surprise stems from the fact that the two lovers vowed then that nothing on earth would make them come back together again. Bolaji and Bukky have now proved that the bond between them is too strong than what most people thought. Before they broke up a few months back, Bukky had accused Bolaji of being an unrepentant skirt chaser who saw nothing in dating babes who are close to her. Bolaji, on his own part, said Bukky became unnecessarily possessive and failed to draw a line between their personal and business relationship.

Bukky, we gathered, has not only moved back to live with Bolaji in his Magodo GRA residence, she is also most times, seen cruising around town in her guy's latest Lincoln Navigator Jeep which he bought some days after they broke up the last time.

Bolaji had bought the Jeep then to prove to Bukky that the Mercedes Benz A-Class which he retrieved from her after they fought, was not for his personal use but just to prove a point The initial belief then was that the car was a gift for Bukky from Bolaji. But Bolaji countered saying that in his, wondering on what basis he would buy a car for Bukky. When Bolaji was contacted on phone some days ago to comment on his reconciliation with Bukky, he declined to say anything. In his words: "It is not an issue "he said". I'm not saying anything about it".