Dencia Spends Millions to Hire Lawyers to Fight US Actress, Lisa Raye

Source: Nathan Nathaniel Ekpo/

Singer and entrepreneur, Dencia, is all out to attack anyone who tries to drag her name into the mud over what she perceive as jealousy because she is doing well as a business woman.

Dencia is dragging American actress, Lisa Raye, to court for saying her whitenicious creams cause cancer and causes black spots and dark knuckles during a radio interview in Atlanta.

While attacking Raye, she said “Raye, you didn't mention other bigger companies because of lawsuits but I hope you make good money and lawyer up and I hope you and the movie sponsors have proof of the allegations because you will be needing it in court real soon.

“You sound ignorant talking about dark knuckles when even white folks and Alek weks have it too. Name one person you have met or know suffering from cancer caused by Whitenicious or any other similar product. The car you drive says on it “made with material that might cause cancer” I don't see you making a movie about it.”

The singer all furious is not ready to give the US actress a breathing space as she continued to attack her and giving her ideas of movies to produce rather than denting her image. “A movie about you and your ex husband would be more interesting than name dropping my brand in interviews.”

Since Lisa had failed to retract her statement about Dencia product, the singer has gone ahead to engaged the services of one of LA's top legal firms and their services don't come cheap.