9ice 'Lover' Loses Teeth

Source: Nathan Nathaniel Ekpo/Nigeriafilms.com
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Singer, 9ice, is currently making a mark as he settles to enjoy fatherhood along with his musical career. The singer recently turned a year older and some friends turned up for his day a he celebrated it in one of the popular clubs in Lagos.

Reflecting at his kids, the singer, could not hide his feelings for his daughters as he explains that he is happy with the way things have turned out in his life and his offspring.

“Both came at the time I was weak. I was strong through their being whatever I am today I learn through their being. Happy to be living, happier to be legendary, incredibly satisfied with my proceeding. Happy birthday to me and many more that are born today,” he said.

He further disclosed that one of his cute daughters recently lost her teeth but was not bothered since she still looked cute as she smiles. “My daughter loose her tooth today nawa o but still she's cute like that.”