Fans Come Hard On Toke Makinwa For Being 'Too Fake' (Photos)

Source: Maryjane Ezeh/

A while ago, Toke Makinwa shared some photos on her Instagram page, but instead of the usual commendations and admiration by her fans and followers, majority of them lambasted the OAP.

The picture didn't go down well with some of Toke's loyal fans too as they kept complaining of her excess makeup which makes her look so unreal and more like a Barbie Doll.

The major chorus on the comment section is for Ms Makinwa to be daring enough to show her Makeup free face some day so that her fans would know the 'genuine' her.

'Foe Christ sake kindly take down this's exactly 2.10am. I can't sleep, I keep seeing this picture in my dream. When I close my eyes, lurking behind the curtain, everywhere.

It's really giving me nightmare," one of the comments reads.

"She's looking so artificial.. more like a Barbie Doll. You even look like a spirit, please don't vanish one day oh,"another wrote.