Don Jazzy And Olamide's Beef: Issues Involved

By Worule Cool

In the Music Industry, Donjazzy is definitely a DON, since he started in 2005 with the signature beats with the Dbanj and the Mo'hits crew, he has created a niche from himself and initiated a Respect campaign among fans worldwide. Most fans view him as a down to earth Man, very humble especially with his playful attitude on Social Media.

Donjazzy has his fair share of Controversies, both within inside and outside the Industry. Beginning from the Mohit Break up Saga. Till today Nobody knew what happened that led to the breakup, but Nigerians took side- a lot of them standing with Donjazzy. Believe it or not that affected Dbanj's Career till date. Since them Dbanj has not released an official album.

It went on till Wande Coal left without any controversy until the 'Baby Face' Controversy, I could remember I had an article on the issue then. Donjazzy had accused Wande Coal of stealing his intellectual property and converting his song to his own. Wande replied, it lingered for a while and it died down. And of Course Nigerians took side, a lot of them stood by Donjazzy and I can also categorically say that it affected Wande's Career till now.

Fast Forward to Jan 1 2016, The Next Rated Category award was presented to Reekado Banks over Lil Kesh, Korede Bello and Kiss Daniel. Obviously Public Opinion favours Lil Kesh and to be honest Lili Kesh worths every hype. Like Olamide said, Every Single Song was a Hit, Back to Back, Lil Kesh held the industry spell bound with those Dancing hits. Every Kid on the street would hear 'Skiborobo' before he/she starts to dance. Infact in the real sense, Lil Kesh is not a Next Rated Artiste, he is an A-List Artiste. Co-operate or Streetz, your show is not complete without a feel of Lil-Kesh. I was attended a carnival where the DJ was injured because he refused to play 'Efeejoku'.

Voting or not, Olamide was visibly angry, he took the opportunity of Adekunle Gold's award to lambash 'iyalaya anybody'. Came on live TV, said some unpalatable things, dropped the Mic and left. While Olamide could have made some side beef to Reekaado Banks, his real victims was the Headies organisers. But Olamide has the right to say who he is.

For FOUR years Olamide has held the industry spell-bound, he has had no dulling moment, he has moved from been a wakaby Artiste to been a A-LIST Artiste, he grew from that to creating a niche for himself as a Legend in the Nigerian Music Industry. Not only that, Olamide's two Signature are also holding the industry spell-bound. Adekunle Gold has left been an upcoming artiste to an artiste known all over Nigeria. Same with Lil Kesh, even Chinko Ekun with no hittrack has his share of popularity and fame. All these within two years of building these Guys alongside his own career. He didn't have to stop his own career to any-body. Olamide gave fame and stardom to the Hit Producers Pheelz and Young John. Olamide is no Green Horn.

Donjazzy on getting his special recognition took time to re-inforce the idea of his 'humility' how he doesn't like awards, how he would have preferred it to be Dbanj, how he told his kids not to fight for the award coz he would buy the Car for them each. But when Bovi tried to play a Steve Harvey on Rekaado Banks by saying that he made a mistake, you could see the obvious tension on Donjazzy's face when the Camera zoomed on him, at one point he even had to do the Cross sign. One would wonder why a Man who doesn't care about awards was so tensed when Bovi claimed he made a mistake by calling Rekaado Banks. Donjazzy ended his 'humility' speech by saying "Egbon..Olamide, if you want the Car come and collect it" after that he left the venue with the rest of the whole Mavin crew including the Jumping Dijaa.

There was still one more Award for Olamide, he could have used the opportunity to come back and react to the words of Donjazzy but unfortunately the whole Mavin crew had left and Olamide and his crew had to leave too in a bad mood, they couldn't wait for the Last Category of their Award. There was only one place Olamide could get back at Donjazzy and it was on Social Media, and he did.

Now we could agree, Olamide went too much and too hard on Donjazzy, but you can imagine how it feels for a CEO who earns an average of 10million a week to be told to "come and collect it" for a Car less than 5 million. Its such an insult. Apparently to Donjazzy, it was just about the Car, but to Olamide, it was recognition of Hard Work.

I make bold to say that except Donjazzy does something else than Music, Olamide is far richer than him, Olamide has had shows home and abroad than all the Mavin's put together in 3 years, when you add the income of Lil Kesh who apparently makes "more than that SUV in 2 weeks" and Adekunle Gold who is the Party Starter across Nigeria. You know what that means. If you compare to the acceptability of the Mavins. You can do the Maths.

In all what we must learn a few things, One is that Donjazzy is not as humble as we all think or has we have been made to believe.

Forget Recharge Card sharing. Two. Donjazzy treats his artiste with Oga Boss relationships. Olamide operates with the Brothely street love with his artistes. Three. Donjazzy might be stealing beats, he has a lot of producers under his label and apart from Baby fresh, where are the beats the others are producing?

Olamide is a King, Donjazzy is a Boss. Both control waves on the industry, Donjazzy must stop acting like he owns the whole world. The constants fight he has had with different Artiste's shows he is NOT humble. Come to think of it, almost all the Artiste who expressed their opinion over the issue threw their weights behind Olamide. Shows how fast the hold Donjazzy has in the industry is fast diminishing.