Actress, Amanda Ebeye’s Mum Remarries After 18 years

Source: Nathan Nathaniel Ekpo/

Nollywood actress, Amanda Ebeye, is so proud of her mum having stayed 18 years to raise her and her younger ones after her father left her mother to marry another woman.

The actress mother stayed 18 years without a man and decided to get along with life as she has now found solace in the arms of another man who they recently tied the knot with.

Amanda thanking God for her mother, said, “Thank you Lord for a successful day. A good way to start the new year. I bless God for my mum, after 18 years. My mum finds happiness again.

“18 years you stayed alone, to give your kids the best. Even when you didn't have. You wore rags so your kids could have the best. You'll rather brag about your kids than yourself. The best mum anyone could hope for and the best wife for a wise man. I thank God for this time in your life.

An opportunity to be happy again. Happy married life mum. May God continue to bless you for us.”