Why Gani Adams, Asari Dokubo Must Return Libya’s Looted Fund

By Global Civilian

It is unfortunate that the good people of Libya today suffer from insecurity and deprivation while elements that conspired with our people’s number one enemy, Muammar Ghadafi to loot and bring hardship on the people of Libya enjoy their loot.

As representatives of the Libyan people, we are committed to seeking retribution on all the infidels that conspired with Ghadafi to loot and bring our people to this sorry pass.

Among the worst of the enemies of the Libyan people are the external collaborators who in the guise of furthering the ‘Pan-Africanist’ agenda of the late dictator, helped in one way or more to entrench Ghadafi’s rule and therefore prolong the suffering of our people.

Monies belonging to the Libyan people were filtered away in the name of currying favours, supplying mercenary fighters and arms procurement among other excuses.

Some prominent ‘freedom fighters’, among them Asari Dokubo and Gani Adams of Nigeria are among those who recently discovered documents were shown to have been used in this diabolical theme to defraud Libya.

The duo of Asari Dokubo and Gani Adams have both between themselves collected nothing less than $70 million (seventy million US dollars). Records show that Asari collected about $48 million, and Adams about $23 million, although both may have collected more than has already been discovered.

We are still looking for more evidence of such looted funds but demand the immediate repatriation of such funds back to the rightful owners, the people of Libya.

The people of Libya may be willing to forget this crime against them if the money stolen is returned; however it would be difficult to forget.

Our plea is for the concerned persons to repatriate our money without any further delay to avert consequences; the type which would be difficult to imagine or comprehend.

Signed: Abass Ibn Idris
Global Civilians for Peace in Libya