P-Square Now Owns Different Record Labels

Source: Nathan Nathaniel Ekpo/Nigeriafilms.com

The P-Square brothers will not stop creating buzz for themselves even when it seems things were going on fine with the brothers.

There have been various rumours about these singers of not having things going on fine for themselves as they have been rumoured to have gone their separate ways.

During the just concluded dance with Peter reality show, some fans had wondered what was going on that only Peter had to do such a project rather than it being a joint project until Paul made a sudden appearance in the show.

Having kept things under wraps, Paul Okoye has come out recently to unveil a new artiste, Muno Sings, which he has just signed into his record label which has gotten many wondering what is happening with Square records which have been their known label.

According to Paul Okoye, “2016, Muno Sings. Get ready guys this month the best voice ever. Ladies man am coming hard. Rudeboy records, bragging continues, thank me later, he is the voice.”

Paul roving that he did not make mistake about the name of the record label he wrote, he also shared his label logo to his fans urging them to watchout.