How I Handle My Male Fans—Judy Austin

By Fun Code Media

Elegant and beautiful fast rising actress, Judy Austin could not hold words when she detailed how she handles her male fans and admirers. Hails from Umuoji in Idemilli North Anambra state, she happens to be the baby of the house, out of three children. Since she made her first appearance on screen, it’s been a busy career and time for her, as she’s been moving from one location to another for shoots. In this interview, she takes time to explain the secret behind her fast rise in the make-believe industry and to what the future holds for her and career.

Why did you choose acting?
Entertainment is one thing I have always wanted to be part of. And for acting, I will say I chose it because I've always loved the entertainment world. Basically that was why when opportunities of being part of it started coming, I didn’t relent in taking a step towards its direction. In fact, I’m so happy to be part of this big industry.

Can you tell us how it all started?
It all actually started out for me as a model at the age of 16; and from there, I went into acting. Though acting is taking much of my time now, but I still create time for it when need arises. Already you know acting is one thing someone must offer his or her time for.

When you joined the Nollywood industry, what were the challenges you faced?

The challenges weren’t much, except it’s the one of finding my own place in the industry. You know as a new act, when I came I tried creating my own kind of style and brand, even went further in making it a unique one. It’s actually a challenge. Then, there is this other one which I guess it's about dealing with complex. At first, one may have the feeling that he or she is not good enough, mostly when you are paired with a big actor on set. But it always turns out fun at the end of it all.

How about the sex for role issue that is looming the industry of today; did you experience it?

No, I was not. I guess God’s grace led me through, because I've not experienced it yet.

What movie will you say that brought out the best in you?

I guess it would be one of my recent jobs entitled: Slaves and Free Born. It's not the kind of an everyday movie we watch. It's completely different.

What motivates you?
Nothing but the love and passion I have for acting.

How do you manage your male fans?
I manage them by showing them the love of God.
What can't you let go in your everyday life?

I will say prayer, because it's my major strength. And music; I really don’t joke with it.

You have regrets?
None at all; I’m still young to have regrets.

If you have an opportunity to change something, what would it be?

I would change the fact that the government is not assisting the industry as it should. Nollywood is one independent industry that has been moving from strength to strength. I think it is time the government should come in with strong policies to support its already established effort.

What can attract you to a male?
First, the fear of God, and a caring man with a hardworking spirit.

What are your career plans for the next two years?

I plan to be one of the best acts that would be coming out of Africa, even as I’m hoping to be an international actress.

Do you have words of advice for the up and comings?

They just have to believe in themselves. Let them believe that they can even do better by putting in a lot of passion into their talents. And, they should also learn from the older colleagues. With God all aspiration will be actualized.