With Child Ink Africa, We’ll Turn Creative Kids To Champions—Hardy

By O'town Gist Entert

Award winning blogger and writer, Mr. Chinedu Hardy Nwadike has revealed that his new project Child Ink Africa will help creative children find their feet and be become champions with a better life.

Mr. Nwadike who is the Executive Director of Child Ink Africa, spoke in Owerri, Imo State, said the essence of the project is to give children the opportunity he never had as a kid and having authored two novels and several other articles and poems, he believes he would have been a better writer if someone guided through it.

“As a kid, I knew I was good with my hand and head. I could create things with ease, but no one cared to take a close look at me to figure out what I actually wanted. I grew up where everyone wanted to make money from this or that, so no one had the time to listen to a boy who had a story to tell.” He said.

On the contrary, he added: “it would have been a different ball game if I had a friend who was thinking like me, if someone, just anyone spotted me or gave me the opportunity to create something for the public at that tender age. My confidence would have been on another level, I would have been better than I am today”

With Child Ink Africa working towards the development of primary and secondary school children with the gift of writing, drawing and painting, he said that the project will offer him the opportunity to create the kind of kid he could never be.

“Creativity comes in a pack, but it takes confidence to open use it. We want to give back to the society which has made us and also see how we can help these children overcome these obstacles that tied us down.

“We have a great team of young and creative minds, made up of writers, artists, linguists and administrators. The team was put together to ensure that we not only teach these children how to develop their skills, but how to use and be someone in a society like ours where survival has become for either the fittest or the richest”

With the official website of the campaign, www.childinkafrica.org , already launched, Hardy is optimistic it will yield good result.

“It is something new, something people probably don’t understand how it will work, but all we need is to reach the children and the job will begin.

“We have series of programmes which will be starting will tutorials for the writers and artistes. There will also be contests from time to time but the most important thing is the goal, which is to find these kids and turn them to champions. For now, everything is on www.childinkafrica.org ”