Rita dominic is scared

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Where did you really go to?
I went to the UK, on a break. All my people and family are in England, so I just went there to have some rest as usual.

How was it like over there?
It was fun and exciting. I've always stayed in and out of England, anyway. But, this time, I had one very nasty experience. It was at the Nottinghill Carnival. Everything was going on well and entertaining and suddenly a guy just ran after me and said … ah… Rita Dominic, before I could know it, he had planted a hot kiss on my lips. I was shocked and really embarrassed he didn't want to let go until security operatives and the police saved me.

Any unusual experience like this in Nigeria before?
Of course, yes. Just today, I and Aforend were at the Tafawa Balewa Crescent, Klink Studios area of Surulere for meeting. We did not know that by the time we got outside was the time students had just closed from school. We dashed out, they all saw me and swooped on me, crowding me, asking for autographs. It was like bees coming after a prey. It was like hell. I managed to comply to some and I survived from that embarrassement.

We know you had a British upbringing, but where were you born?
No…. not like that. I wasn't born in England, but my brother and sisters were born in England. My father, a medical doctor, was always moving around. My mum actually had my pregnancy when we left England for another place. We lived in various places, Kwara, Enugu, Owerri, Aba. My father kept moving and we moved.

How was your childhood like?
Oh… I miss my childhood. I miss my loving mum, who is now late. When I was a child, I was a bully to my cousins because my mum loved me specially. From my childhood activities I knew I would be a tube person because it had always been in me.

You just said your mum is late, when?
I don't want to talk about my mum's death because it made me empty for a long time. I could not think. Well she died some years back. My mum was everything in my life. But, look at me now, all alone. I was empty for months. But, as a human, I'm trying everyday to overcome it.

Sorry about that. Rita, you are very calm, witty and calculated, how is your love life like?
Na wa for you o! I know where you are going to. I didn't know I'm all that you said anyway. Thanks all the same. My love life is okay and human. Actually I've fallen in love twice, and I learnt my lessons. I'm more careful about it now.

I mean, could you let us into one of your bitter love experience?
Aahh. its normal. I just don't want to talk about it. The bitter experiences. The relationships didn't just work out. You know one thing, love is a serious matter. You just don't talk about it just like that. It's deep and sacred; so, I'm careful and watching. That is what I want to say for now. Emotion and love comes from inside, it's not automatic. It depends on morals and mindset.

Anybody now?
(laughs) Hold it, please. You will be the first to know when the time comes. I said I'm still watching.

What kind of man would you like to marry?
Wow! My kind of man must love and respect God. Must be humble, focused and must respect family values and all that.

How did you get into acting really?
Basorge Tariah Jr should take all the credit for showing me the way. I finished from the same school with him, University of Port Harcourt, where I read Theatre Arts. He's been into it all this while; so when we met, he said, Babe, you fit do this thing now, there is a production going on here and there. One thing led to another and that was it.

Which film will you regard as your most touchy one?
Good! All My Life. I love that film because I could act the role given to me. You know, people always think that my roles are flashy, sweet looking girl stuff and all that. But in All My Life, I was a street girl. I was able to carry a very terrible and down-trodden character. That is my best film. Please, if you have not watched it, you are missing something. It's my most touchy film.

You are from Mbaise in Imo State. Why is it that you don't bear your surname, Nwaturuocha, like your brother?
Listen to me. I'm an Ibo girl, and I love my roots. Nwaturuocha is my grand-dad's name. My dad's name is Dominic. I know I'm Nwaturuocha. Like my Dad, I felt like just bearing Dominic because some non-Ibos might not be able to pronounce Nwaturuocha. You know what I mean. However, I love that name so much. If you must know the meaning, Nwaturuocha means a “white lamb”. Very unique person. My grand dad was a very light complexioned person. And then the white man were around and since they felt he looked like one of their kind, they called him White Lamb which simply means a unique person. So, why should I drop such a name. Never! I love it. It's my name.

I almost forget, this “banning” issue by film marketers. You are not affected, what are you saying about it?
O boy… you know I just came back. Me…. I don't know anything. I just dey look sha. I don't believe in hearsay, so I'm just watching.

As a role model, for the youths, what's your target in life?
I'm a focused person. I want to use my talent and style to positively touch the lives of every youth.