Boko Haram: Fayose charges Lai Mohammed to relocate to Borno or Yobe

By The Citizen
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Ekiti State governor, Mr Ayodele Fayose has called on Nigerians topray specially for President Mohammadu Buhari; saying; 'The President needs God to give him the necessary wisdom to be able to find solutionto the country's economic and security problems.

'The governor also challenged the Minister of Information and Culture,Lai Mohammed to relocate to Sambisa in Borno State or at best,Maiduguri, the Yobe State capital and move around there without heavymilitary security if indeed he was sure that Boko Haram had beendefeated.

Speaking through his Special Assistant on Public Communications andNew Media, Lere Olayinka, Governor Fayose said; 'only God'sintervention can save Nigeria from the present economic and securityproblems as it is glaring that the man running the affairs of thecountry at the federal level does not have any answer to theproblems.

'He said; 'Even the Holy Bible said in James 1:5 that if anyone lackswisdom, he should ask God and as it is, Nigerians must assist thePresident in asking for wisdom and understanding to tackle thecountry's economic and security problems before Nigeria is furtherplunged into more woes with the federal government's decision toborrow N2.2 Trillion, which translates to N6.066 billion per day tofinance the 2016 Budget.

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'He described the Federal Government's announced reduction of petrolpump price from N87 to N85 per litre as a continuation of the AllProgressives Congress (APC) government's governance by deceit, saying;'Even secondary school students of economics know that you cannotderegulate and regulate at the same time.

'The governor said; 'it is only in a confused and clueless economy thatgovernment will plan to spend more when revenue has reduced by morethan 50 percent.'Governor Fayose, who maintained that petrol will not sell below N100per litre in 2016, added that; 'Even now that the price is N87 andsubsidy is yet to be removed, Nigerians are buying at between N130 andN300 per litre. What will now happen when they remove subsidy andallow market forces to determine the price?'

The governor described claimed by the Information Minister that BokoHaram insurgents had been defeated as strange, saying; 'Nigerians willonly take the minister serious if he relocates to either Sambisa inBorno State or Maiduguri in Yobe State and stay there till the end ofMarch, next year without heavy military security.'

He said; 'To show their level of confusion, two days after theMinister of Information declared that Boko Haram had been defeated,President Buhari said the government would persuade Boko Haram toabandon their fight. One then wonders how the same Boko Haram

insurgents Lai Mohammed said were already defeated will have to bepersuaded to abandon their fight.'Interestingly, the same Boko Haram that Lai Mohammed said had been defeated reported attacked Kimba village in Gur ward of Biu LocalGovernment Area of Borno State yesterday night.

'Therefore, the Information Minister must show Nigerians how peacefulBorno and Yobe States have become after the defeat of Boko Haram byrelocating to either Sambisa or Maiduguri.'