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Help! My husband shifts all responsibilities on me

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I am 37 years old. I got married 15 year ago and my husband had been very caring. In our home, we share all expenses-children's school fees, food allowance and many others. He believes in 50:50 sharing and never bothers to buy gift for me since we got married. He is into business, while I am on salary and I buy all my clothes and the children's. Recently, he complained about his job, thus shifting all the expenses at home on me. Meanwhile, I have noticed that anytime he has money, he prefers going out with friends (leaves home throughout the weekend) and whenever he is broke, he stays at home. Whenever I complain, he reminds me of the fact that he gives me sex while some women are begging him outside for it. Really, I am not so crazy about sex and even decided not to have it frequently with him. But he now says I am trying to push him into the arms of other women (I know he has a chain of them). I hate reporting him to his family or friend. What do I do?

T.R, Ogun State.

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