50 Naija Throw Back Songs You Would Like

By Victor Terhemba

As the year draws to an end I thought it would magnanimous of me to help you refresh the old memories that these songs bring. I didn't just list them down I also included download links so it can be easier for you to download.

There were so many songs running through my mind but I decided to these down. Perhaps, I will do a second batch later. I was very careful not to go beyond my age so I left out songs of the 1980s- the likes of Christy Essien, Onyeka Owenu, Kris Okotie, Alex Oti, etc.

So please take your time and enjoy yourself. Merry Christmas and a happy new year in advance

1. REMEDIES- Shakomo (Download Link: https://t.co/kSqyAWeQAZ)

2. Baba Fryo - Denge pose (Download Link: https://t.co/hlwhcLlOzm)

3. Father U-turn- Yetunde (Download Link: https://t.co/IEsBiZhESt)

4. Paul Play Dairo- Mo so rire (Download Link: https://t.co/HZcTysDelm)

5. Naeto C- Kini Big Deal (Download Link: https://t.co/zNNyAC3A1g)

6. Wale Thompson- Lalale Friday (Download Link: https://t.co/FBU5b69TTJ)

7. Styl Plus- Call my name (Download Link: https://t.co/C5HaExd2l9)

8. Olu Maintain- Yahoozee (Download Link: https://t.co/ZAdCDSF22m)

9. 9ice- Little Money (Download Link: https://t.co/ZAdCDSF22m)

10. Tony Tetuila- My Car (Download Link: https://t.co/AxsMeXee44)

11. P-Square- Bizzy Body (Download Link: https://t.co/ohiOtqz49j)

12. TY Bello- Funmise (Download Link: https://t.co/8ipRX85Npp)

13. D'Banj- Fall in Love (Download Link: https://t.co/honJIJZ44K)

14. Baba Dee- So di e ft 2face & Sound sultan (Download Link: https://t.co/qZ9W9Cvy7Y)

15. MP- No dull yourself (Download Link: https://t.co/zir5Gxuny0)

16. Darey- Escalade (Download Link: https://t.co/B1pkW87wqI)

17. Ikechukwu- Shoobeedoo (Download Link: https://t.co/ZFZCsazglB)

18. Eldee- I Go Yarn (Download Link: https://t.co/wjMlnueE1H)

19. Daddy Fresh- Eleru Gberu (Download Link: https://t.co/lElxNmQjIc)

20. Tomex- My Way (Download Link: https://t.co/Qwx9B8Cv2J)

21. Terry tha rapman- Na Beans? (Download Link: https://t.co/VzGiRHZIjj)

22. Wande Coal- Ololufe (Download Link: https://t.co/X9Wvb4xbRE)

23. Sanchez- Pick it up (Download Link: https://t.co/goreN0oktV)

24. Sound sultan- Mathematics (Download Link: https://t.co/MOGCU87YLN)

25. Banky W- Ebute Metta (Download Link: https://t.co/RfBDXDqRw8)

26. Faze- Faze alone (Download Link: https://t.co/WYRj9abgTX)

27. Gino- No Be God? (Download Link: https://t.co/aQyZOgHmGi)

28. Question Mark All stars (Mode9, T-Base, Silver Saddih, Ruffman, Cobhams, Street Monks)- Street Life (Download Link: https://t.co/miVq8eNmfS)

29. D'Banj- Why me (Download Link: https://t.co/KhVB0fMTkq)

30. Blackface- Hard Life- (Download Link: https://t.co/qrnzrkCYzl)

31. Sunny Neji- Tolotolo (Download Link: https://t.co/1E7o9VZ4va)

32. P-Square - Omoge Mi (Download Link: https://t.co/MaFgpajgEt)

33. M.I- Safe (Download Link: https://t.co/8zDNFQcMHl)

34. Flavour- Na'bania (Download Link: https://t.co/tIqfAlLpQX)

35. Plantashun Boiz- If life (Download Link: https://t.co/OZ2lDVTpSn)

36. Kelly Handsome- Maga Dun Pay (Download Link: https://t.co/YgukoA5WCz)

37. DJ Zeez- Same Ni (Download Link: https://t.co/E2Eywir9EN)

38. Skales- Be mine (https://t.co/f4ajr9qF4U)
39. Eedris Abdulkareem- Jaga Jaga (Download Link: https://t.co/Lag7HyjTRs)

40. Marvellous Benjy- Swo Rmx (Download Link: https://t.co/1u2gMtOG6G)

41. Baba Dee- Komole (Download Link: https://t.co/r5IhF9mNum)

42. Jeremiah Gyang- Na Ba Ka ft 6footplus (Download Link: https://t.co/ZOeDdQSgpx)

43. 2 Face- African Queen (https://t.co/rT41jW7kup)

44. Terry G- Free Madness (Download Link: https://t.co/uBghnJ57im)

45. Modenine- Elbow Room (Download Link: https://t.co/jpBjOIpxM5)

46. Asa- Fire On The Mountain (Download Link: https://t.co/57tpkus23n)

47. IllBliss- Dat Ibo Boy (Download Link: https://t.co/3qzXwf5BYx)

48. KC Presh- Sio Nkpo (Download Link: https://t.co/MCjKtRtIXD)

49. 2Shotz- carry am go (Download Link: https://t.co/BhQ7tCITxL)

50. Sound sultan- Back in the days (Download Link: https://t.co/QAc8a00df8)

List compiled by:
Victor (@inkrediblesmog) Terhemba
[email protected]
For any reservations reach me via my email or twitter handle. And for contributions just comment below. Ciao