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Chinyere Nwabueze studied theater arts from NCE to B.Ed level at the Benue State College of Education.She was prepared to impart the knowledge of theatre arts to prospective students.Now she is practicalising it in the Nigerian movie industry with a long string of movies to her credit.

She speaks on her journey so far,beginning with Amadioha

"When I left the College of Education,I worked for a Finance Company and Mortgage Bank in Port Harcourt.When it went under,I asked myself pertinent questions on what to do with my basic training and I decided to get into the industry where I knew I truly belonged.I started out in Port Harcourt and Aba areas.Movie director Zeb Ejiro came to shoot in Aba and I went for the audition and got what many considered a waka pass role. Later I was in War of Roses where I featured in a major role and my star started to shine.The movie also had Dolly Unachukwu.It was one of,if not the last movie she did before she left Nigeria.It was a Port Harcourt-based production in 2000. Some of the directors and producers who came from Lagos to do the production saw some potentials and advised that I relocate to Lagos which was what I then did.

My movies

Recently and most challenging of them is the Grave Consequence. I wonder if it retains this title when it is released. I played the role of a witch and it is directed by Emeke Nwabueze. You can notice the name, it is just a mere coincidence. We are not related at all. I also did Stolen Bible, and Carcas. I am also being invited for other productions as you can see. Earlier, I did Sisters Enemy, Royal family, Made for each other, A kiss from Rose, Sound of Silence, Slave Masters and a long list of others. It might also interest you to know that I don't only act I also do location jobs because I have an eye for choice locations befitting for any productions.

Acting and location manager

It started by chance. I just found myself doing location jobs. Somehow, sometime when I was involved in a production and the location was not befitting for the scenes we were shooting, so I decided to get a better place and ever since they usually tell me to use my contacts to provide better locations and gradually news spread about most jobs I do, you see I also do location manager. I kept doing this without charging any fees until people now know I have an eye for choice locations. They now call me to help out

Location manager entails knowing people and being able to move around. You have to be highly mobile in order to meet up with the mobility of production which entails going ahead before the production party gets there.You must also be good at negotiation and have a friendly disposition so that someone would be able to allow you the use of his place as location.

It has made it possible to be acquainted with a lot of people. And several people are also getting trained under me (you see how the world is?) These people now handle some jobs when I am indisposed. They call to take briefings. It would not be surprising for people to see Chinyere Nwabueze as location manager while playing a role in any movie.

No complaints

The industry has been rising since it started. As you can see, I came in 1999 and have spent just a few years. It's okay and I believe it could still much more better.

Iam not complaining at all. It has not been bad for me rather, it has been really fulfilling and I am not regretting it all. After all it is what I trained for and I enjoy it fully. I am not only enjoying the money, I enjoy the job and have job satisfaction. I have the certificate to show and I have the flair for that area of endeavour.

Showbusiness in a scandal prone business. All of them turn out to what makes it the show it is. It all contributes to the razmataz. And I must say it is not only peculiar to showbiz alone or to Nollywood. It is also seen in other professions or in other countries -Hollywood and Bollywood. You can never divorce scandals from the life of movie stars or showbiz people. Scandals and entertainment go in tandem. I only thank God I have not been involved in any scandals. And I believe it depends on the way you carry yourself. I try as much as possible to avoid them and pray to God to protect me from them and I know He listens.

Motherly roles

I believe that may be my size determines the motherly role I have always played. I have seen myself being mother to a lot of people who are older than I am. It is my nature and there may be nothing to do about it. It is okay and I don't have any regrets per se. In Carcas, I didn't play a mother. I played what you would call a big chic. I starred with a young man called Mike Ozuruonye. When the movie is released, producers would see that I am not only good at motherly roles. I spend time working out to keep fit.I might be buxomy but 1 still very smart so to speak.

Challenges of the industry

When Grave Consequence is released, viewers will see a different style of me. I played the role of a witch. We have always seen a witch as someone who is ugly, scary and fiendish if one is allowed to use that word. But I played the role and people will look at a witch from a different perspective. It was a challenge. Apart from this, Carcas was also challenging. It has to do with adventure and I saw myself running severally. People couldn't believe that with my size I could run. I climbed a tree and I was shocked at my acting. I think one of the reasons I was able to do this was because I train and workout all the time. Even if I don't lose all the weight, I am still smart and fit. I said the role in Carcas was very challenging and I love it for that because it brought out some things I never knew existed in me.

Love life

My love life is intact, very okay and healthy, I know that very soon I will be walking down the aisle with the man of my life sooner than later. Don't ask me of him because I won't tell you.

Challenging Director

I won't forget Emeka Nwabueze.He really drilled me beyond anyone had done. He said he bad his own concept of my role. He called me aside and told me how he expected me to play the role. He encouraged me and I was touched that I let go when the cameras started to roll. After he had spoken to me, I went into my room to pray to God not to let me fail as a lot of responsibility was being thrust upon me. And He didn't fail me. I want you to watch out for Carcas.

Kissing in a movie
I could kiss passionately in a movie and I don't mind it so long as it is a movie. I kissed in Carcas and you will see it when it comes out.l was only playing the role as the script said. I know my fiance doesn't mind it as he tells me he understood my profession even before we started the affair .

Chinyere Nwabueze hails from Asaga Ohafia, Abia State and loves reading, travelling and cooking real meals when the time is free.