Declaration by the High Representative Federica Mogherini on behalf of the EU on the signature of the Libya Political Agreement

By Council of the European Union

The European Union welcomes the signature of the Libya Political Agreement, and pledges support to the upcoming Government of National Accord.

A historic step has been taken today towards restoring peace and stability for the Libyan people. The signature of the Libya Political Agreement by representatives of the members of the House of Representatives and General National Congress, Independents, Municipalities, political parties and civil society paves the way to a peaceful solution to a terrible crisis that has divided, impoverished, and inflicted so much suffering on the Libyan people, and which poses a growing threat not just to Libya itself but also its neighbours, including the EU.

The EU pledges its support to the upcoming Government of National Accord, and will no longer have official contacts with individuals claiming to be part of institutions which are not validated by the Libya political agreement.

The EU stands ready to offer immediate and substantial support in a number of different areas that will be prioritised together with the Libyan authorities: a 100 million euro aid package is already available including for the delivery of services the Libyan population urgently needs.

The EU underlines the Libyan ownership of this process and the importance of continuing to keep it open and inclusive. The responsibility lies with the Libyans for the successful implementation of the agreement and the EU, and the international community stand ready to support them in this endeavour. The EU expresses its gratitude to UNSMIL and the UNSGSR Martin Kobler for the dedication and skill they have shown in bringing Libyan parties together for this important step.