Murray-Bruce Goes Tough On Governors

Source: Nathan Nathaniel Ekpo/

Out Spoken Nigerian Senator, Ben Murray-Bruce, is all out to lash Governors who cannot afford to pay their workers minimum wage but are ready to spend money to decorate the various streets in their states.

He stated that rather than use the money decorate government houses, the money would be better used to appreciate the workers by paying their minimum wage rather than deducting it.

According to him, “Rather than spend millions decorating Government houses and streets for Christmas, that money is better spent to Pay workers Minimum Wage Promptly.”

Ben warned that any government agency who attempts to bring any Christmas hamper to him when their workers were yet to receive their salary will be stoned.

“I serve notice to any government agency. If you bring Christmas hampers to me when you have not paid workers salary I will stone you with it.

“I can't understand why any government agency will give out Christmas hampers to elites when 2 million IDPs are starving in this very country!

“Governors who can't pay ?18K minimum wage should not be allowed to spend multi millions on Christmas hampers for people like me who can afford it,” he said.