Let's Return Nigeria To Basis, MSSN Lagos Urges

By Muslim Students’ Society Of Nigeria

The Muslim Students Society of Nigeria, Lagos State Area Unit has recommended that there was the need for Nigeria to return to the basis if the country must experience growth that would benefit the citizenry.

This, the group said, as it unveils plans to hold its 100th Islamic Vacation Course (IVC) camp on the Human Capital Development Centre (HCDC), Epe between December 21st 2015 and January 1st 2016.

The President (Amir) of the MSSN Lagos, Mallam Saheed Ashafa, said this at a press conference organized to herald the camping programme.

He said, “Many problems being confronted by Nigeria today would have been a thing of the past if we had got our basis right. It surprises that we keep complaining about leadership and there seems not to be human solution to it. Now that everyone must be tired of the saying that "leadership is the problem", not followership, then we really need to return to the basis by applying the teachings of Al-Islam to solve our challenges.

“Yes, oil and poor leadership may have been some of the banes of our development as a nation, but what else are we not doing right? It is our relationship with God, both leaders and followers now act freely, forgetting that they will give account of their deeds to Allah.

According to him, the camp is expected to have no fewer than 5,000 delegates that are expected to be empowered spiritually and academically throughsoul inspiring lectures, motivational discussion on character building and memorisation of Quran among others.

He explained that the theme of the 100th IVC, ‘The Basis’, was selected because of the utmost need for Muslims and Nigerians to re-asses their actions for desired growth.

He said, “Our plan for this year is to have nothing less than 5000 delegates that will be impacted with Islamic teachings, which should aid the development of the nation at large. The camping programme is billed to convey Muslim youths and impart in them moral, spiritual and academic knowledge.

“This edition of the camp marks the 100th IVC of society and we are making a historical progress by holding it on our HCDC Epe, Lagos State. Apart from that, we will be streaming activities on the camp site live through our Youtube Channel. To register, delegates are expected to purchase pin and then log on to camp.mssnlagos.net to complete their registration form.”

Ashafa further expressed concern over the increasing indecency and injustice in the country, nothing that those would continue to act as impediments if not addressed with practical actions.

He added, “The injustice in the Nigeria system will always affect our growth, if not stopped. You can imagine a state like Lagos State asking students to pause exam to hold Christmas Carol but insisted that Muslim students cannot willingly wear Hijab. Maybe we should stop deceiving ourselves and accept it, that there is an unpardonable need to return to the basis.

“One would have expected that with the prevalence of religious institutions everywhere, there should not be so much corruption and wickedness in the country, but the reverse is the case. Immorality is regrettably increasing; infidelity and corruption are gradually becoming acceptable values in Nigeria.”

Mallam Saheed Ashafa,
Muslim Students' Society of Nigeria,
Lagos State Area Unit,
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Lagos, Nigeria
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