2shotz needs a Psychologist – Stephanie Ezeani

Source: Atiba Yetunde/Nigeriafilms.com

2shotz wife has come out to reveal how her husband batters and maltreats her since they got married and she has endured until now, as she moved out of her matrimonial home few days back.

Although, Beverly Osu who was one time the rappers girlfriend warned Precious Jones after her wedding to him but she did not heed until she started facing the abuse and domestic violence from her husband

Miss Charismatic Nigeria 2014, Stephanie Ezeani, has come out to give her opinion about the issue.
She said 2shots needs a psychologist who will lecture and counsel him because he might be having psychological problems that can make him transfer aggression to his wife while she advises that his wife should run for her life.

“2shotz might be going through some psychological problems hence his actions towards his wife. Therefore, I recommend he see a psychologist in order to help him pass this current phase he is situated with. While his wife should run away before she gets all battered up and eventually killed all in the name of love. I think she should leave him for now, pending when he gets back to his right frame of mind.”

On domestic violence Stephanie said, “Violence against women is a very serious case and should be treated as such. I uphold that a woman is purposeful and characterized by intelligence and poise and she is mellisonant and the harbinger of joy and tranquil in the home. Men please care for your fiancée and wives just as you would want your daughters and sisters to be cared for.”