Signing autograph on her private part in London –Actor Jim Iyke

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Crazy female fan forced me to sign autograph on her private part in London –Actor Jim Iyke .
Popular movie actor and model, Jim Iyke will, no doubt, easily take home the award of the enfant terrible of the Nigerian movie industry if such award were in place. Jim is known to have a high voltage temper which had seen him in busts up with fellow actors and producers alike.

But no matter your opinion of hunky actor, Jim says his tempers had worked both ways for him in the past. And more, he said he took after his mother. According to him, the father would rather discuss issues than raise his voice against anyone. But the mother on the other hand “is aggressive and believes a little yelling match works sometimes”.

“My father does not believe in raising his voice for any reason. It has worked for him in a lot of ways. It has also worked against him in several ways. He lived most of his life in France, so he is used to the French way of doing things. I think that is the little difficulties he's encountered here”.

“ A little bust of emotions move things here. My mother, she is aggressive, she believes in decorum and that a little yelling match works. When she does not believe in physical, I'm a man and I'm younger, if it boils down to physical, I don't shy away, but I've grown older, so I've settled for shouting match he told Sunday Sun.”

He said his inability to keep silence and sulk when confronted with challenges had helped him to achieve some successes in his career.

“I think I suffer from what I call dual personality. There are times that you get to see a lot of what I do in movies being recorded in my real life. When I was younger, my temper worked very negatively for me. But as I grew older and more knowledgeable of what I am doing, I've been able to put it into positive use.

“Before I get on set, the people on the set know me that the pace I start with is the pace I'll finish with. I hate distractions like say the wrong costume or wrong move by my PA could bring out the temper. But if you take out the violent and negative aspect, anger could propel you to greater heights.”
If his temper had worked miracles in Nigeria, he had more than he could chew during a recent trip to Europe when he was forced by a white lady to sign autographs on her private part. According to him, the lady, an assistant manager of a departmental store in London, had a bet with her boyfriend that she needed an autograph.

“ I tell you, these people can be crazy. This was this girl, who I later got to know works in a departmental store. She had a bet with her boyfriend that she wanted me to sign on her private part. She came forward to me, stripped and asked me to sign, I had no choice other than to sign”.
That was however not the end to his encounters with the girls. In Paris, multitudes of young girls rushed him for autographs on their boobs and was held hostage for several hours.

“In Paris, the girls were just over the hills. Many came forward for autographs. While I was careful and signing somewhere above the chest, they insisted that I lower my hand and sign it on the nipples. It was hectic”.

It was however not all girls' tales for him on the trip that took him to nine countries and twenty-two cities in Europe. Apart from signing new deals that would see him on locations very soon, it also afforded him the opportunity to meet and learn one or two tricks about his trade from the purely professional actors he met during the trip. He also revealed that he shot three movies, which he said would be sold in Nigeria and Europe when they are ready.

Making a comparison between the way things are done in Europe and here, he said, though, the industry is improving, it still has a long way to go to catch up with what obtains in Europe and the US: “I've worked with lots of directors here. I know that we have lots of knowledgeable directors here, but I must confess that those people are way ahead of us in several ways.”