It is unique and original. It is authentic and unifying. It is tagged Wazobia Awards and is set to rock the Nigerian entertainment scene in the last quarter of the year.

Co-ordinator of the project, Tunde Oshinibosi aka Laface stated that Wazobia Awards, a brainchild of Concept Elixir Ltd, is unlike other awards that dot the Nigerian entertainment landscape.

He said Wazobia Awards stands out and is dare to be different in every aspect; while celebrating the original Naija feel and creating a major avenue to sell our potentials in Nigeria to the outside world. 'The Americans have their Oscars, why can't we have our own brand of award that is worthy of emulation, acclaim and adorable world over? That's why it is important for us to build Wazobia Awards that will represent our identity and further project our culture and tradition to the rest of the world,' he posited.

Laface says further that as Patoi is known and identified with the Jamaicans so is Pidgin English is identified with Africans, most especially Nigerians. Therefore, the official language for Wazobia Award, he says will be Pidgin English, a lingo that cuts across the different tribes in Nigeria; thereby creating a unique concept and styles to be celebrated by all and sundry.

According to the organisers, nominations for Wazobia Awards will cut across key entertainment spheres of music, movies, comedy and football. Nomination for each category will be determined by the people and this will take place in July.

One of the outstanding features of Wazobia Awards, Laface volunteers, is the promotion of Nigeria cultural heritage. He says the dress code for the awards ceremony will be traditional attire from all parts of Nigeria. 'The reason for this is to celebrate our rich cultural heritage and to promote made in Nigeria products,' Laface confirms.

Wazobia Awards is loaded with pot-pourri of activities which include pre-concert, red carpet, and village square meeting. Blockbuster gathered that the concert will feature top Nigerian musical acts and comedians who will entertain guests in Pidgin English. The red carpet and village square setting will have embedded Naija flavour, as our traditional mats, aso oke, adire, kente and other forms of indigenous and traditional cloths will gain prominence at the event.

Also, celebrity interviews, citation and other forms of verbal communication at the event will be Pidgin English and it will be done at the village square.