Yar`adua: The Vision by a Lady Artiste

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Sir, The very day President Yar'Adua left the shores of this country on a medical expedition, I was told by a highly spiritual and popular Nigerian female musician (with national honour) that the President was in coma and that he must have been flown with air ambulance. She gave her source as divine channel. Even when the Federal Executive Council members gave notice that they would be in telephone-conference with the President during a Council meeting, she maintained that such session would not hold because it was spiritually predicated on 'if' the president could be revived from the coma. She likened the President and wife (Turai) situation to that of King Ahab and Jezebel; she referred me to read up details in the Holy Bible.

She maintained that the President might not return if a failed revival occurs as he was still with pulse and body still warm. Not quiet long after, I read up in the papers of a man who remained in coma for years and was revived. She confirmed with a great amount of certainty that the President did not sign any budget but that the signature may have been forged and also that the Vice President and others did not get to speak with President Yar'Adua in a way as exaggerated. This lady has predicted so many international and national delicate issues that came to pass.

My mind grew stronger on her divine prediction on Yar'Adua when I read in the NEXT newspaper of Sunday January 10, 2010 a front page story entitled “Yar'Adua is brain-damaged”. The intro to the story was “Nigeria has effectively entered a post-Yar'Adua administration era, according to impeccable NEXT sources. Contrary to the much reported news of President Umaru Yar'Adua improved health, he is, in reality, seriously brain-damaged and unable to recognize anyone including his wife, Turai”.

The lady musician also foretold what the NEXT newspaper further confirmed in its edition under reference that a cabal was only buying time to see if Yar'Adua could be revived while at the same time trying to see how to fix or perfect a new structure in the presidency. She even said that our leaders are taking God for granted because all that was needed is tell the true position so that prayers points would be in focus. Israel Effiong, 79 Tayo Kehinde St, Egbeda-Lagos

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