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Dear President Uhuru, Kenyatta Reduce Salaries Of Politicians

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Your excellence Mr. President,the way the kenya’s courts have handled teachers’ strike is not good.It is a total wed blanket to the kenya’s working fraternity. Politics has clearly shouted that workers have no rights to be served by the judiciary.You reign have indeed shamed the teachers and their union leadership.Kindly do something to make them feel something of self-worth.

Mr. President,president workers have a human side called the feelings.Teachers like any other workers also feel. Compelling them back to class by way of judical terror is not a logical solution within the prencicts of human resource psychology.We are only risking quality of education in the public schools as well as private schools in kenya.As you know, taking a donkey to the well is one thing,having it take the water is another business,as clearly deciphered from the management researches of Douglous Mcgregor in theory Y and Theory X modelling.And again it proves more harsh when idle, sometimes illiterate and economically non productive people like the members of County assembly are earning a whooping three larks! with an open window before them to a salary increment, whereas teachers are totally hopeless.This one will simply make our economy to commit a suicide.

Mr. president , it is my polite prayer to you that you consider reducing salaries of the some civil servants,governors,members of parliament, and Members of County assembly.This will enable the treasury to have cash resources that can be channeled into economically imperative sectors to our developing country;education and security.Your excellence,what is the economic logic of paying members of county assembly a salary of kenya shillings three hundred thousand per month, and you know most of them are primary school drop outs,meddling in corruption,fueling tribal politics with no proved evidence of quality in their legislative duty.My sense of economics tells me that for kenya to develop,a rural house-maid is supposed and must get a higher salary than a member of county assembly.

Your exellence, the kenya parliament now looks like a primary school debating club.Heckling about childish topics like Luos are better than Kikuyu’s , Luhya are more populated than Kalenjins and that type of stuff.Any research would readily show that Kenyans have not seen the value of the parliament;intellectually,economically and morally.Kenyans are not here to pay tax to get money for salaries of politicians thinking of impeaching the Presdient when there is not reason for the same.No.

Your exellence for our economy to maintain its middle income status we have to protect the middle class.The workers.The proletariats.Not the politicians that are substantially the burgeosie or struggling to become burgeosie in immmoral and primitive way like the French parliamantarians during the reign of Napoleon the nephew of Bonaparte.A country of a few burgeosie is a poor country given the burgeosie sycophancy to capital and to political class,but a country with a happy labour force is a healthy country with total assurance of the good future.For us to maintain our workers let us pay them well either by overtaxing the poor tax-payers or reducing the salaries of the usual mealy mouthied politicians that are substantially inspid and pedantic leather tongued oracles of burgeosie intelligence of the 21st century.Kindly your exellence choose the solution that has lesser evil.

Alexander Khamala Opicho

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