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My Father Wanted me to Be an Accountant…Tade Ogidan

Source: Nathan Nathaniel Ekpo/
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Veteran Nollywood producer, Tade Ogidan, will always remain one of Nigerian most respected movie producer whose career has span over a decade and still counting. For many who do not, known for one of his hit movies, 'Hostages,' he is also the brain behind the popular audience participatory programme, 'Teju Babyface show.'

Like every parents of old would always chose a career for their children, Tade was not exempted from that aspect as his father wanted him to become an accountant like him but he refused and after sniffing around on how he could gain admission to study Theater Arts in school, he was offered admission abroad.

“My father was an accountant and that was the dream he had for me. I just didn't like accounting. I didn't like what he was doing because it was a routine job. The first time I ever mentioned that I would like to study Theatre Arts in the university, he was so upset. He said nobody would take me serious in life. I remember when I was filling the form; I sneaked in Theater Arts because he didn't want to hear anything of such,” he said.

After making headway in academics, the sky was his limits since venturing into production and having started to write scripts at age 14. But things as usual were not that rosy for him but the love and passion for the job paved way for him.

Pointing at one of his most embarrassing moment, Tade stated that as a producer, there was a time he was working and he overheard the woman that own the house grumble, asking that they should be told to leave as it was getting late.

“You know you are filming in someone's house and in the middle of production you over-hear the madam of the house grumbling that 'They didn't tell us they would be working this late o. Please, go and tell them to get out of my house,' he told Thisday newspaper.