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Yoruba Movie Stars Visit Awolowo Family

Source: Helen Olohunde/
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Veteran actor Segun Arinze, former AGN (Actor's Guild Nigeria) president explains challenges artist encounters in the industry and why errors are made in most of their works. He was a guest on 'Rubbin Minds' tv show last weekend.

Segun was noticed of not producing or acting lately, but he said he's not slowing down that he has his way of doing things underground before he presents it to the world.

"I've learnt one thing in life, keep your mouth shut work underground,when it's ready let the cat out. i like been silent when i'm working. i do it underground and when I'm ready I'll bring it out for the world to see". I just did 'jaja the great', 'Nollywood scandal' and I'm working on more, he added.

when asked about subtitling which use to be the biggest headache in nollywood films as it is always full of errors, Segun said the reason why it is so is because both the producer and the people in it are at fault. Reason is they don't sit down patiently to do it, they are in haste to release their movie before piracy grabs it, therefore they commit error.

In his words" they need to sit down and patiently do this, if it's possible get an English teacher, subtitle the script and proof read before pasting".But many of them can't afford this and of course they want to release their movie quickly before anybody does the same as they are fond of doing similar works.

The veteran actor will also be celebrating his golden 50 very soon.