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My Wife Is Every Man's Dream---Seyi Law

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Popular comedian, Seyi Law, is truly a lover boy as he is always seen all over his wife either after a show which she also attended or when having a nice time out together.

Well, in a recent interview, the comedian has revealed that whenever he goes out, he loves to rush home so as to get home and be with his wife on time.

He stated that what he enjoys most in marriage is that he and his wife are good cook and he can always help to make things balance at home.

“Thank God I met my wife at almost the time I started comedy. I met her in 2007, which was when the professional aspect of the comedy really started, and she's been with me since then. So she understands the job perfectly. Before we got married, we would go to virtually all my events together, and now that we are married, we have to learn the next stage which is when children start coming, there would be somebody to take care of the home front.

“Thank God we are both great cooks so it's balanced. I'm not really a club going type, so I only go to shows at clubs where I'm required to, and I leave as early as possible in order not to get home too late. She's simply a wonderful woman. She's the best gift to my life from the God Almighty. She is even bigger than what comedy will ever be,” he told Erave.