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Celebrities Speak! What we love, hate about social media

Source: Abiola Alaba Peters with Kennedy Aziagba -
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Due to the yearning for connection and belonging, the idea for social media was conceived. It has, over the years, become a major and inspiring tool for the new generation, helping many in their day to day activities. While many consider the social media as a threat to some aspects of the human race, some feel it is very helpful. ABIOLA ALABA PETERS got some celebrities to talk about the impact of social media on relationships and marriage

To what extent should relationships or marriages be celebrated on social media?

Bryan Okpara- To a very friendly and inspiring extent, you don't put everything out there, and when you do, you are giving some people the wrong idea. So basically, you have to put out a lot to inspire people as to what you are getting into, because not everybody has the formulae to get married and stay in it.
Femi Adebayo – For a celebrity, relationship or marriage should be very personal. Whether or not it should be celebrated on social media is a personal thing. If you want your romance on social media, fine, enjoy yourself. If you don't, keep it private, it's all fine.
Bassey Ekpenyong – If you are happy with it, shout it out, whether married or in a relationship. As long as you are cool with your partner, blow it out. For instance, I have been married for over 20 years and I am happy and proud of my wife, like I just met her. I can say it anywhere. She makes me happy.
IK Ogbonna – For as much you want, if your love life makes you happy, why not? Celebrate it anywhere. I am happy I met my wife who doubles as my best friend and that is why I can't stop talking about her on social media.
Zik Zulu – When it has got to a golden or silver jubilee year, when both partners have come to understand themselves for a great deal of time, understand that life is give and take, that they deserve respect from each other, this I think should be celebrated.
Kemi Afolabi – Personally, I think some things are better kept in private for them to have value. When you keep your relationship or marriage off social media, it glitters, it becomes gold. So for me, relationships or marriage on social media is a no no!
Clarion Chukwura – Social media is no respecter of anything. It's just a tool that you can choose to use in your way. Celebrate whatever but just apply moderation. But if you want some privacy, then you must keep your marriage or relationship off the radar. It's just an individual thing.
Olu Jacob – This is a school of life, where we learn every day. From the first day you enter into your marriage or relationship, you don't think for one anymore, you begin to think for two. You, as a man, might like it, and your woman might not; she might like it and you might not. So you see, it's a choice, but the point is, it has its advantages and disadvantages.
Juliet Ibrahim – Well, I think it's an individual thing, yeah, I was married before. I wasn't always on social media posting pictures but then, I had my moments. There were times I would want to post pictures of my happy moments; some people were not cool with it while some were. There should be limits.
Mercy Aigbe – It depends on the parties involved. If you are the type that likes to flaunt your partner on social media because you feel you love me, personally, I think it's cool. If it's the other way round, probably, you don't like your marriage or relationship being flaunted on social media, it's alright.
MI Abaga – I think it's up to the couple; it depends on how much they can handle from social media. There are people who just love to be private in whatever they do. The thing is, there are couples who are private, yet they don't make it, some are public, and yet, they still don't make it in their marriage or relationship.
Joke Silva – I am one of those who would rather want my marriage to be celebrated within the comfort of my home, say between me and my husband, and not on social media or in magazines. Because, whenever I see us in the media, I am worried and just keep praying hard that God should enclose us and keep the marriage. So for me, there are some things that should be off social media.
Kenneth Okonkwo – The decision for a marriage or relationship to be celebrated on social media should be between both partners. If you want your marriage to be quiet and vibrant, you have a right to do so. If you want your marriage to be celebrated and be the talk of town, you also have a right to do so. The parties involved are the ones to decide how public or private they want it.
Kate Henshaw – Marriage or relationships should not be celebrated on social media at all. This is because when you do, you have invited a third party, and that will not help the union. Marriage is a per- sonal thing, marriage is between two people. When you put it out there, you are giving every Tom and Harry the right to say all sorts of things about your marriage. I don't support it; the social media is too public.
Adekunle Gold -Relationships should be kept off social media. If you expose your relationship to social media, you are not helping it. Social media should not be a validation of some sort, just because you have the best guy or babe. Try as much as possible to keep your love life off the media.
Korede Bello – I am very much single. At the moment, I am in a relationship with my career, and I can advise based on that. (laughs). I think it's only moral for one to keep his or her affairs private. It blossoms when it's kept from the media.
Praiz – People are different. If you want to celebrate your relationship on social media, that's left for you. Personally, I am a very private person, it does not mean I am not proud of my relationship. Trust me, there are lots of people out there who don't like your happiness. So I think there should be some level of privacy when it comes to family or love life.
Oge Okoye – I really don't believe in taking your marriage or relationship to the public domain, especially social media. I am speaking for myself because I know a lot of people don't see anything wrong with it. But for me, my privacy means a lot to me.
Chika Ike – As much as I believe this is an individual thing, I still want to advise intending couples, married and those in a relationship, not to put everything about their romance out there on so- cial media. There should be a limit. Some things are better kept in private and sacred.
Acapella – Social media has made and broken so many marriages. Once in a while, you can celebrate your partner, but you should watch what you put out. It is better you keep the public in suspense about your home. Too much of everything is bad; somehow, you don't know you might be exposing your home to marriage predators and social media vampires. For me, it should be in suspense.