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Security Threat: Who is After Kcee Brother, E-Money's Life?

Source: Nathan Nathaniel Ekpo/
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In Nigeria, security operatives are mostly found being attached to political office holders and only accompany some entertainers at events. But who could possibly be after the life of Five star music boss, Emeka Okonkwo better known as E-money.

Since giving detailed information about how he made his millions through a contract he got while returning from his traditional marriage, the status of the record label boss been the talk of the town not his money, but his entourage.

Reports has it that E-money's security details is so large than that of a President coupled with the kind of hi-tech equipments they move with.

Aside having the Nigerian police force as part of his security details, he also has private securities attached to him wherever he goes.

This leaves one to wonder on who could possibly be after his life for him to have so much securities around him as an entertainer?

He was recently at an event where he created a mini tension on his arrival as few people whispered to themselves about the level of security he goes about with.

'I've never seen any Nigerian entertainer with this much security before,' a guest said to his friend. Even as the friend concurred, 'That's true; even the president's security men don't have more gadgets than this.'