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I Want Low Profile Wedding To Avoid Witches & Wizards—IK Ogbonna

Source: Osaremen Ehi James/
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The latest trend among Nigerian celebs is to have low-key wedding ceremony and when few of them opt for an elaborate one, they do it abroad. Some of them do this to avoid controversy, but for IK Ogbonna, an actor, he likes a low profile wedding because of fear of witches and wizards.

Few months ago, IK Ogbonna held court marriage with his wife and mother of his child, Sonia Morales.

The handsome actor said though he plans to hold white wedding, but it will surely be a low profile one.

He told Pulse that, “We got pregnant before the wedding. I believe it is also God's plan because God gives everything.

“So, the whole wedding thing was basically just to legalize what we had going on, and put some solid stand on it. So that was a court wedding. I am still going to do the white wedding and I don't think I am going to have crowd in that one too.”

He further said, “The truth is I have not really been a gallery wedding kind of person where you will have a wedding and all the witches and wizard would attend with 'ogbono' soup, 'egusi' soup and all that stuff.

“I have never really been that kind of person and when I date someone I date with the intention of a future. And I just follow the normal process of trying to find out if we are compatible, if we can fit in; which is called courtship.”