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How My 7-Year Old Daughter Saved My Life From 2 Packs Of Cigarette - Jeta Amata

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Although, Jeta Amata, has since parted ways with his wife, Mbong Odungide, but the prolific filmmaker's love for their 7-years old daughter never dwindled.

Just a while ago, Jeta, excitedly penned a touching letter of how he gave up smoking for his seven year old daughter.

According to the director of Black November, he had been smoking two packets a day, but had to force himself to quit for the love of his daughter who kept persisting.


I wouldn't call it a nag, or just a soft reminder, but over the last year, my 7yr old has been constantly reminding me of the need to stop smoking.

Finally a few months back, just to get her off my back, I said I'd quit in a “few months”. That was June. She decided the few months ended in August after our birthday on the 21st and started counting down to September 1. The day before, we had a talk and I agreed it was going to end the next day. I was still stalling, looking for a way out. As I walked out of the living room, she told a friend of mine “My dad is going to stop smoking, I'm so happy I could cry”. As I heard those words, my heart melted and I knew there was no going back. I had to quit!

If I wasn't going to quit for me, I would for her, no doubt! It's 5 days now since my last cigarette, and I mean close to 2 packs a day, damn! Veno's the happiest girl on Earth and I have the best support system anyone could want…..The power of love.

Now tell me, why would I ever go back to smoking when I know not smoking makes my daughter feel so loved and appreciated. Is it foolish not to think of my health but rather the happiness of my child?

I couldn't even hide to do it (yes the thought crossed my mind) because I don't want to lie to my kid. The meaning of her name is catching up with me real fast, “Edhereveno” meaning, my roads have opened, my doors have opened, so now, it's my lungs opening to clean health" he shared on his Instagram.