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Mum Never Been Part Of My Life—DJ Nana

Source: Nathan Nathaniel Ekpo/
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When it comes to disc jockeying in Nigeria, one can really say that females are actually giving the men a tough run for their money as they now dominate the deck at various events.

One of such talents is Nana Abedoh better known as DJ Nana, who has gradually become a house hold name in the entertainment industry.

The DJ who studied Law, decided to keep her certificate aside as she take her job to the next level of being more professional as the day goes by but without the support of her parents especially her mother.

“They are not late; they are just not a part of my life. Well, my parents have never exactly been a part of my life so my choice of career wasn't an option for them to oppose. I have pretty much been on my own for a while so my parents were not a factor when I chose this career,” she told Sun newspaper.

DJ Nana explained that she has been running her life alone as her mother never played a role in it because she has been based in the United Kingdom for as long as she can remember but only talking to her on phone.

“I didn't say I grew up without my parents. I only said they were not a part of my life. I grew up with a lot of people. First it was my grandmother and then I relocated to Abuja at age seven to stay with my aunty who was a teacher. From there I relocated back to Lagos at age10 to live with my dad. My mom stays in the UK and has been there for as long as I can remember so she has never been a part of my life. All we do is just talk,” she admitted.