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Revealed! Segun Arinze Has 6 Children By Four Different Women

Source: Maryjane Ezeh/

He is one of the veterans of Nollywood and still very relevant in the industry.

Segun Arinze's talent goes beyond acting, he is also a musician, voice over artiste, broadcaster and lots more.

With his mellifluous voice, methodical acting and consistent five-star performances on stage and silver screen, he has become an attraction to pretty ladies.

In a recent interview, the multi-talented artiste, who is a former President of the Actors Guild of Nigeria, admitted that he has 6 kids from different women including one from his ex-wife, Ann Njemanze.

"I'm married to a lovely woman called Julie. I have children too. Em…from my wife (Julie), I have Ayo, Femi and my new baby daughter, Victoria Ejiamatu. And, of course, before then, you know I had a son and then we had Morenike between Ann and me. I also have Ebunoluwa," he proudly told Thisday Newspaper.

For those who believes, because Segun plays a bad guy role, he must be one in real life, he has cleared the misinterpretation.

"Many people believe I'm a bad guy because of the scary movies, but well, if they think that I am bad by virtue of the role I play, then it's a total misconception. There is always a difference between the character you play and who you are in real life. I am a very simple person; I like simplicity and I like to take things easy. I like humour a lot. I am also a serious-minded person.

My training as an actor requires that you just do your job. It's a job. I am what you may call a method actor. I pick up a role having in mind that in life, there are different kinds of characters and you pick up one and say this is how I see this character and I go ahead to recreate the character," he concluded.