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My Husband Must Dress Well—Rukky Sanda Declares

Source: Maryjane Ezeh/

Pretty, fair and beautiful Nollywood actress, Rukayat Akinsanya, better known as Rukky Sanda is not an everyday girl, simply because she's not an outgoing type and rarely sociable.
Due to these attributes, some of her fans tagged her arrogant and snobbish.

Determined to clear her name from such unfair judgment, Rukky, who premiered her latest movie 'Dark' yesterday, August 28', said she's far from been arrogant but only trying to protect her territory.

"It's because they don't know me. That is because I am a very private person. I am a very jovial and friendly person. I don't snub, " she said.

For those who think Rukky has regrets over her lifestyle, she has clearly stated that she doesn't regret anything she has ever done. For her, everything is a lesson. Thus, everything she has been through so far brought her to fame and makes her happy with herself.

Although still single, Rukky doesn't want to end up a spinster, she also lists what she looks out for in a man.
"For me, I think he has to be courageous and you have to dress well," she told Punch.