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Yemi Alade Escapes Death in London

Source: Nathan Nathaniel Ekpo/
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Singer, Yemi Alade, has proven that she was well trained and no matter her status, she can never forget the word of God which is her Bible.

The singer who is currently in London for her tour which begins today Friday, 28th, 2015, got a shocker when the fire alarm rang in her hotel room and she along with her team had to pick some things to escape.

While narrating her ordeal, the singer stated that she had to pick just three things when she heard the fire alarm rang which were her mobile phone, her iconic Invanity wear and her Bible.

According to her, “3 things I grabbed when the fire alarm went off. I thought it was prank but I was frigging scared!!! I knew better than to start parking up my cloths! I thought I was dreaming!!!! But I knew I had to leave immediately. I definitely picked up my phone, my bible and my iconic invanity performance outfit! Thinking about it now, I picked the things I loved. 1. Phone: to sha call if I needed to. 2. My bible: because I was so scared. 3. My iconic invanity: because I wasn't going to loose the most artistic and expensive pieces I have ever acquired or perform at Wembley tonight in anything less luxurious. We are fine now sha.”