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I Find Happiness Hanging with Prostitutes Than Saints… IK Ogbonna’s Wife

Source: Nathan Nathaniel Ekpo/
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Wife of Nollywood actor, IK Ogbonna, Sonia Morales, seems not to be happy with way some people throw shades at her on social media.

Sonia stated that she would rather chose to hang around with robbers, kidnappers and all sorts of criminals and prostitutes than to spend her precious time with pretenders who sees themselves as 'saints.'

She stressed that it is not everybody that goes to church are saints because they do not control the way they end up judging others just because they go to church regularly.

In her words, “I'd rather sit & hang out with robbers, kidnappers and all sorts of criminals and prostitutes who admit that they are sinners then to be around fake "saints" having opinion and something to say about other people's lives like they walk in their shoes daily. Hello, Who asked you?

“You hide under religion and Holy Books to judge others and throw shades by counting other people's sins on loud. How does that make you a good 'God fearing' person?”

“The fact you covered up in church every Sunday doesn't make you a Saint nether better than the rest, it makes you a hypocrite as long as you can't put your disgusting judgmental nature under control. Do you think everyone must live life according standards from your village? Or do you think pointing at other people's sins will make your own less noticeable?? Gerrouta here.”