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Kissing Femi Branch Was Awesome, Now I Want John Dumelo- Bimbo Thomas

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As a multi-talented actor, one should be able to interpret roles perfectly and for Nollywood actress, Bimbo Thomas who has been in the movie industry for quite a while, she can't forget in a hurry the movie where she kissed another fellow actor, Femi Branch, passionately.

While chatting with Vanguard, she recalled the most memorable kiss she has ever had on set.

"It was with Femi Branch, " she said. "I've forgotten the title of the film now but we played lovers and we had to make it real, and we really kissed. He had his back turned at me, and he said something. Instead of me to respond, I just grabbed him and started kissing him; even the director was stunned. He is my friend though and I know his wife."

Bimbo, the 'Omo Ghetto' movie star also gushed about her crush on some international movie stars and how she longs to kiss John Dumelo.

"Internationally, it's Idris Elba, but lately I've had a crush on Terrence Howard. Locally, it's John Dumelo (Blushes)," she hinted.

However, she also debunked the reports that it was her sugar daddy gave her the money to set up an exquisite wine store.

"It's very funny when I hear things like that; I wonder where they think it up from. Looking at this shop, does it look to you like it's worth N42m?

I put this down with my own hard-earned money; no man gave me money. Even my family members were shocked when I opened the store because I didn't inform anybody. My man was also surprised.

Anyway, I think it's a hype for me and I love it, except for the aspect of the man that they added to it," she added.