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Moyo Lawal Makes Public Confession About Herself

Source: Nathan Nathaniel Ekpo/
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Nollywood actress, Moyo Lawal, has confessed that her skin transformation recently is as a result of skin toning.

The actress stated that skin toning is very common among everyone as far as the skin as changed from the normal way it use to be depending on how they can afford a particular cream and the kind of skin they have.

She also pointed that toning of skin was not just common to the women folks alone as the men are also part of the trend because many don't look the same way they were at younger age.

In her words, “I know lots of people don't like to read, but you know me, my facts are usually black and white. Yes I have toned. Loads and loads of people have, it just differs on the amount of greed you have, what your pocket can afford and how tough your skin is (some pips will tone or in fact try bleaching from today till tomorrow no result). In fact, I make bold to say 90percent of people including the male folk have toned because lots and lots of peoples (yes peoples) aren't the same shade they were when they were younger, either they are a shade lighter than their former skin colour or lots of shades lighter.

“However, don't think dark skin people are left out. The dark skin ones who now have glowing dark skins whether they got it through natural products or not, have toned as well, whether they went one shade lighter or ten shades brighter. Trust me people when I go white, a completely different colour, you will know. Now a dark person turning brown is bleaching. A brown person turning white is bleaching. Am still pretty much brown skinned. Just one who glows like the sun and wants to glow like eeeem? skin education, Toning vs Bleaching skin. Please, even that really light skinned person who is almost an albino but now shines better than you remember as toned as well. Hehehe. Please, we are all in this together) I Dare you, send in your twelve years ago pictures (laughs).”