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Emeka Ike Parading Self AGN President To Dupe People—Emma Ogugua

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The crisis rocking the Actors Guild of Nigeria (AGN) seems not to be over going by the latest information reaching us.

The actors' body in Nigeria has been in tumour for years and just when some people were almost rejoicing over a fresh breath of air in the guild brought about by Ibinabo Fiberesima, another trouble erupted like a volcano.

There was a court judgement earlier in the year that said the Board of Trustees of AGN disobeyed an earlier judgment restraining it from conducting an election, which ushered in the former beauty queen as president of the guild.

Since the court ruling, Emeka Ike has been parading himself as the new AGN boss.

But the Vice-Chairman of the guild's BoT, Emma Ogugua, told that Emeka Ike is parading himself as AGN president to defraud people. He made this known to us in an interview.

Emma challenged Emeka Ike to show proof that he is actually the AGN president.

Read excerpts below;

What is the true state of AGN now

Nothing is happening to AGN, AGN is there, there is no crisis. Madam President, Chief Ibinabo Fiberesima, is the National president of AGN. Emeka Ike had no point in time contested for election or are we in court with Emeka Ike on issue of election at no point in time. He should present the papers. The issue here is very simple, before Ibinabo's election, there was a court injunction which somebody filed against it and we're in court on that, that is just all. Emeka Ike should please present everybody the judgment that shows him as the president. That was a court injunction filed by somebody stating that we shouldn't have conducted an election and we have appealed against it, we have a stay of execution on it, so that is just all. At no point in time did they mention Emeka Ike as a president or whatsoever, so he is just going around making so much noise and again there is a court order restraining him from parading himself as the president. Let him go to the press and put a written note and sign as president, let me see if he will not go to jail. The president of AGN is Chief Madam Ibinabo Fiberesima, nobody else and she is running her second tenure and she will complete it.

But the judgement said status quo be maintained

There was a court judgment gotten by Maradona, stating that they file an injunction before the election and it was disobeyed and that judgment has been appealed against. In Nigeria, a case does not end until after they have finished all appeal. At the moment, a letter of execution is in operation which means all the judgment stays until we finish all our appeal, so if there is a judgment and we appeal against that judgment, what does that mean, it means everything back to default. Ibinabo is still the president pending when they have removed the appeal. They have not thrown away our appeal up till now and Maradona will not tell you that there is no appeal.

Let me put it clear to you, there is no crisis in AGN, Ibinabo Fiberesima still runs the affairs of the AGN. I just came back from a tour of all the state chapters which Ibinabo asked me to do on her behalf and every state chapter are still in support of Ibinabo, I don't know what he is talking about. Emeka Ike should please call the chapter he is being made the president. I'm a board member, if a board does not know you as the president, how can you be a president of a board who does not know you? Have you gone to a company where a director does not know whom their MD is? We are five in number in the board member and if any board member says Ibinabo is not the president, then call me a liar.

Emeka Ike is enjoying the press attention, so there is no big deal. I think he is using it to defraud people, that is how I see it unless he can prove otherwise.