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Why I’ve Not Been Active In Yoruba Movies—Adekunle Ayanfe

Source: Nathan Nathaniel Ekpo/
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Popular Yoruba actor, Adekunle Ayanfe, who is known for either playing the stubborn boy role or working with the deities in his movie roles, has been long absent from the screen but it was all for good.

The versatile script interpreter is back and ready to show how good he is after undergoing some training in movie directing and cinematography in South Africa.

While explaining to, he stated that his coming back does not mean he will be totally off the screen but only needed to know more about his art.

In his words, “I have not been really based in Nigeria, I am studying cinematography and directing in South Africa, so I am either in South Africa or I'm in Nigeria. Not really that I am leaving the screen to be behind but for the passion I have for the theatre, I need to know the various aspect of the theatre.

“He appreciated the jobs currently done by some practitioners in the industry noting that especially the Yoruba industry, a lot has really improved compared to the past.”