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Exclusive: I left Kennis Because Of Their Management Style—Minjin

Source: Nathan Nathaniel Ekpo/
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He was one of Kennis music wave making singer, with his good looks and dance skills, he was able to win the hearts of many fans especially the female folks. He dished out various hit singles especially the popular track 'Coupe Decale' which he featured Inyanya. Known for his versatility, Minjin, is not ready to relax after parting ways with is former record label as he explains to the main reasons why he chose not to renew his contract after its expiration and why he does not want to take off his dreads.

What has been happening to you career wise?

I have been doing a lot of work, you know since I left Kennis, I have been doing lots of underground work with my music, trying to rebrand myself and come out as a different person and people can really relate with better.

You are doing music and acting, how have you been able to balance the two?

It's something I'm used to. I won a competition as an actor and also as a musician, so I can actually multi task the only thing is that acting keeps you in location for like two months straight but for music you can record one song and you are done. But to make a movie you have to spend like two, three months that is the only thing I feel, so I know how to manage my time, sometimes I am on location and when I'm free I go to the studio and record and come back on set again, so I know how to manage my time.

It seems music and acting is actually taking the other side of you which is drawing, what are your plans for that?

Yes, you know one thing, I believe to sell my paintings, I need to sell myself. My paintings are selling not the way I want it. I want to sell my paintings for like N2 million and for me to achieve that I need to sell my image big so I can sell it for that price. Imagine a P-Square saying they want to do art exhibition people will buy their paintings for N10 million just one piece. That is what I want. I still paint but I'm not doing any exhibition for now. I'm just pushing my brand, once my brand is big enough the I will do exhibitions and Presidents will be there and they will buy my paintings for N15 million.

You were doing well while with Kennis music, why did you choose to leave?

I did not like their management basically. I like it when an artiste is given free-will to share in his career and not what they say you should do that's why but we don't have any issues. After my contract ended, I left; I did not want to renew it.

Which record label are you now signed to?

For now none but I have a lot of label talking to me but I'm trying to weigh my options you know I have been signed before so I don't want to make the same mistakes again.

What should fans be expecting from Minjin?

Pretty amazing songs, new videos and am shooting a video next week and couple of videos are coming out new singles and lots of collaborations as well and the kind of sound you will be hearing now are African contemporary sounds and not the 'coupe-Decale' style, different genres, RnB, different kind of sounds that you have not heard me do before so I'm just trying to show my versatility now.

How long do you plan to continue with your dread and studs?

I don't know as long as my fans like it because when I want to cut my hair, I see a lot of fans telling me no. I'm actually doing this for the fans they are the people who are making you who you are, they are the ones buying your CD, they are the ones that listen to your songs. If you don't have fans you are not a star. I was going to cut it but a lot of people say they like it.