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An Open Letter To Senator Ahmed Lawan And His Cohorts

By Ridwan Omooba
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Unarguably, prior to March 28, 2015 Presidential election, Nigeria was at the brim of collapsing owing to series of financial and political atrocities committed and incited respectively by the last administration in the country. Those sad experiences by Nigerians which still longer till now, therefore were responsible for the voluntary accepted of APC and wholly sweeping of PDP across the country.

Conversely, theJune 9emergence of Senator Bukola Saraki as the President of the Senate and Chairman of 8th National Assembly still remains a nightmare to many Nigerians who believe the unopposed emergence was brought about by uncourteous means which are not exclusive of pitching the tent the already pinned PDP and being in defiance to his party, APC. Many criticisms had been witnessed hitherto from the caucus of one of the front runners for the coveted seat of the Senate Presidency and Senator representing Yobe north Senatorial District, Senator Ahmed Lawan who along with his Senate Unity Forum believed there was a constitutional gyp in the election that gave birth to Senator Bukola Saraki as the President of the 8th Senate.

These kookaburra cry from the Senator Ahmed lawan senatorial caucus was said to have been engineered by a self acclaimed leader of the party whom many believe, gave birth to the current political imbroglio that is being witnessed in the National assembly. The main factor that caused the current crisis in the National Assembly as seen by many Nigerians is the widespread of impunity, corruption and impositions of candidates by some of the leaders who wanted APC operates in a synonymous modus operadis of PDP which resulted in their political funeral in the March 28, 2015.

A place where more than 170 million people are being represented shouldn't be a dally avenue where time are being wasted only for a voluptuous pleasures that will have a zero impact on the lives of the people they are representing, that is the voiceless constituents. By this crucial point in time when the country is going through lingering crisis in the economy, Nigerians expect the National Assembly to have passed bills that are critical to addressing the enormous economic challenges facing the whole of Nigeria, but some of the Senators loyal to Senator Ahmed Lawan and that self acclaimed leader of APC are busy trying to disrupt Senate Businesses, all in the name of fighting for political dominance. Of course the very rational ones among them who had no satanic agenda in their game of wit had since made a U-turn and accepted the God's written destiny of Saraki.

The Senator Ahmed lawan and his aggrieved cohorts who ought to make peaceful way of reconciliation but busy hitting the polity at National Assembly should in Nigerians' interest halt such barbaric antics. They should be reminded that our democracy has graduated beyond their parochial thoughtfulness. Meanwhile, the prima facies and all court cases being filed by the aggrieved senators as announced by the ladida spokesman of the group, Senator Kabir Marafa should be abolished and working together with the leaderships and principal offices of the house in delivering its promises to Nigerians they are representing. That's if they are true representatives of their constituents. The outstanding performance of Senator Bukola Saraki within the little time spent is the exhibition of competency his supporters across all the parties saw in him as a reason for their support for him. He is truly a performer who always want governance felt at the grassroot.

It is worth resounding to the ears of deaf lawmakers and political leaders that Nigeria is bigger than any so called individual. So, godfatherism is allowed in politics when justly used without egoistic interests or reckless ambitions that may have adverse effect as against the wish of the masses. Imposition of candidates in a country where there are different tribes, languages and countless culture shouldn't be encouraged and this is one of the conundrum causes of the present swirling turmoil in the national assembly which are in turn drying the aggressive change we all yearned for. Sen. Lawan and his supporters should in Nigeria's interest pocket their selfish interest and put Nigeria first. A better Nigeria all the way.

According to Jean jacqueau rosseu which says and i quote "the strongest man is never strong enough to be master all the time, unless he transforms force into actions and obedient into duty." These is a vital call to the leadership of the National Assembly in delivering his promises to the masses by passing critical reforms in the areas of Education, infrastructure, security and majorly the lingering crisis of the economy.

Once again I want to urge Senator Ahmed lawan Co aggrieved senators to letting peace reign by working and joining hands together with the leadership of the house in taking and leading Nigerians to the highest heights of achievable developments.

Resolution remains the very ground of dispute by eliminating or transforming the conflict situations to a peaceful directions.

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