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We Don’t Have Good Music Promoters in Nigeria… DJ Gosporella

Source: Nathan Nathaniel Ekpo/
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Popular gospel music disc jockey, DJ Gosporella, has expressed his dissatisfaction about the way the Nigerian entertainment industry is being run without yielding good returns for the owners of the products being dished out.

The DJ with his wealth of experience spanning over 20 years at a recent event held in Lagos on Wednesday, pointed out that one of the problems the industry is facing is lack of good music promoters.

He explained that musicians going into the studio to produce songs is not the beginning and the end of it but how the song gets to the right channel for the audience listening pleasure was more important which is where the music promoter comes to light.

In his words, “An industry for me is something that produces what pays you back; you produce either a product or a service that you sell that continues to bring back money to you. Our music business is not properly organised. I don't even want to talk about piracy, not to talk of people not even knowing the basics of going into music in the first place.

He further stated that, “People don't even know that going into the studio to record a track is not the beginning and the end of it, but you need the promoter to do stuff for you because he is the most important person in the business.

“It's the business of the promoter to ensure that your music is heard in the right places. But professionally speaking, I think we don't have an industry because people just churn out stuff,” he said.