How Odunlade Adekola Conquers The Nollywood Market + The Secret Of His Acting Prowess

Source: Akinnagbe Akintomide -

Star actor, Odunlade Adekola is one movie act who has a lot going for him as his rise to success in the industry isn't only because of his great acting skills but also because of his smashing looks.

Happily married to a reserved lady, Ruth and blessed with lovely kids, Odunlade is a very daring actor whose perfect delivery of roles makes him producers delight.

The Abeokuta based actor unlike his contemporaries in the Yoruba Movie Industry always take his time while shooting a movie, he doesn't rush his movies. His story lines might not be out of this world but by the time he finishes with it, the highly revered actor cum producer would have turned it around and the movie will look very different.

Industry watchers also argue that if you give the same story line to five producers by the time Odunlade comes out with his; it will stand out, tall among its peers.

Not only is the good-looking thespian topping the chart as an actor, Director, and producer; he's a ultimate trend-setters in the movie industry. The singular bundle of talent, looks, commercial pulling power and likeability can be seen by his ever growing endorsement deals including Globacom Ambassadorship.

With his talent, he holds movie buffs attention, persuades them to buy movies he featured in and produced and he surely knows how to fascinate his fans.

Today in the industry, if Odunlade produces a comic movie, the trend in the industry for months will be comic movies, if he does traditional movie others will follow.

Some of the movies he has featured in are “ Sunday Dagboru, Mufu Olosa Oko, Kijipa Ife, Opa Kan, Alani Pamolekun, Asiri Gomina Wa, Kabi o si, Oyenusi amongst others.

On April 2014, he won the Africa Movie Academy Awards ( AMAA) , including Yoruba Movie Academy Awards ( YMAA ) the same year.

With the University of Lagos undergraduate success story, a lot of corporate attention has been drawn to the industry unlike before when it was only the English movie industry that gets all the attention.

Without no doubt, Odunlade Adekola has revolutionized and glamorized the Yoruba Movie Industry to the extent that no one in the genre is close to beat him at the game, at least for now.